February 13, 2019

Education / Teaching

Education and Teaching certificate programs are available online or offline also allow you to complete bachelor, master and associated degrees. The goal of every education/ teaching degree program is to educate future teachers in the most effective way. Online teaching degrees are available with a variety of focus areas at all levels, just like campus-based degrees; these levels will all have distinct requirements. Each program will give you a different experience overall, depending on its structure.

Some common course topics include

  • Foundations of teaching practice
  • Elementary mathematics methods
  • Historical and contemporary perspectives in education
  • Instructional planning and presentation
  • Secondary teaching in inclusive environments
  • Language arts instruction

A large number of online teacher education programs are quickly gaining steam and starting to dwarf their traditional brick-and-mortar counterparts. As many students returning to school after starting families and/or changing career goals or after joining a new job, they choose online learning programs because it offers a high level of convenience in completing coursework from anywhere with an Internet connection, without a fixed schedule like classroom courses. These online teacher training programs hold the same credit value and sometimes major the same fees as those enrolled on-campus.

Associate’s degree
Students who opt for an associate degree program have one of two goals in mind: They want to earn a degree that may allow them to get an entry-level job, working immediately after graduation, or they aim to build up their educational credits and then transfer to a bachelor’s degree program. The latter is justified if a student wants to stay in academics.

Bachelor’s Degree
For most teaching careers, the minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree. This takes usually four-years to complete. It not only offers students the opportunity to specialize their education in order to pursue a particular career path but also prepares students to earn their professional certificate, which might be a criterion for teachers in most states.

Master’s Degree
The master’s degree is a much more dedicated degree for teachers. It allows those who have already earned their bachelor’s degree or have enough credit for pursuing further in order to enter a specific area of teaching or administration. A master’s degree is required to teach in high schools, middle schools, some college, and institutes. Most master’s degree programs take between one and three years to complete depending upon the curriculum