December 27, 2018

About Us is working towards becoming a leading research institute for the students who are beginning their undergraduate education or seeking an advanced degree with a professional focus. Among the diverse spectrum of undergraduate, post-graduate, nano degrees and specialized degree programs that Universities’ schools and colleges offer, Find a school finds the best suitable online college, on-site campus university or degree-program for
you according to your skills and interests. Let Find a School do the tedious work of college-planning, while you take the first step in reaching your goal in higher education. A few clicks will guide you through the entire process to build the connection. In no time, more likely you’ll have a list of relevant schools that offer an Associate degree, Bachelor degree, Master degree and even beyond in the area of study that interests you most.

Find a School values your privacy. We wouldn’t want any personal information spread around the Internet either. We drafted and always maintain a standard privacy policy that gives a complete overview of how we will treat the information you provide to us. We’re legit. We’re here just to help with college planning by connecting you with online colleges, universities, and campus schools interested in your status as a prospective student.


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